Investment Philosophy and Beliefs

Investment Philosophy & Beliefs

At the core of our investment approach stand two fundamental elements that we have developed over the years – our financial planning process and our investment philosophy.

Our investment philosophy captures the spirit of what we believe in when it comes to investing. We think that it is imperative that you fully understand our philosophy and beliefs when it comes to investing.

Our investment philosophy and beliefs are based on 16 principles that we have developed over time.

  1. Diversification
  2. There is a strong case for preferring Passive or Systematic management
  3. For active funds, past performance is of little use in predicting future performance
  4. Absolute Return (AR) funds have a role in portfolios
  5. Investment costs matter – a great deal
  6. Rebalancing is a central element of portfolio management
  7. Market timing is unlikely to add value
  8. Gearing should be avoided
  9. Small cap and value are factors which are associated with superior long-term equity returns
  10. Where structured products are used they should not form part of the core client portfolio
  11. Property should be approached with caution
  12. Equity allocations: geographic exposure should be very broad and well balanced
  13. Equity allocations: sector-specific allocations should be avoided
  14. Ethical/Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) should be accommodated if the customer wishes, but there is little basis for claiming superior prospective returns
  15. Inflation-linked bonds have a place in portfolios
  16. Valuations matter

To find out more on the principles that guide our thinking and beliefs about investing click here

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