New Year, new savings plan

New savings plan

Whether you're moving house, saving for a wedding or your children's education, planning on buying a car, or looking to reduce your household bill, kick-start your new year savings plan with €100 from Zurich.

As the New Year begins many of us are starting to set our goals for the year ahead. Budgeting, saving money and improving finances are usually top of the list of New Year resolutions. Getting to grips with your monthly income and expenses can reveal where the biggest savings can be made, and having a budgeting system in place to deal with day-to-day costs is central to reaching a long-term savings target.

If you want to give your savings a big kick-start this year then start a LifeSave Savings plan with Zurich Life and we will gift you a €100 contribution to your new savings plan. Offer starts January 16th and runs until March 31st. Terms and conditions apply*.

Who is LifeSave Savings Plus for?

  • This plan will appeal to people who wish to save on a regular basis.
  • Ideal for those saving for a significant expenditure such as a deposit for a house, or a car.
  • Those who wish to have access to a variety of funds.

Main features of this plan:

  • Flexibility - You can decide how much you want to save per month (minimum of €75).
  • Tailor-made - We can help you create a plan to suit you perfectly and choose from a range of funds.
  • Growth Potential - You can opt for higher risk funds with a higher potential return. Or limit the risk to your savings with our Protected funds.
  • Reduced Volatility - Investing on a monthly basis gives you the opportunity to smooth out the effect of market highs and lows on your investment.
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