Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Cover is life assurance at its most basic. It is designed to help repay your mortgage if you die or are diagnosed with one of the specified illnesses which are covered during the term of your plan.


Cost depends on age, mortgage amount, term and health. The cost of mortgage cover will stay the same throughout the term of your plan.

A basic Mortgage Protection plan starts at €13 a month.


The plan pays out a lump sum if you die, usually towards the balance of your mortgage. Some important points regarding life cover available on this plan:

  • You must be aged between 18 and 74.
  • The maximum term is 40 years or up to age 80.
  • The amount you pay is guaranteed to stay the same for the entire period that you are insured for.
  • You cannot change the amount of cover you have though it will decrease as the amount that remains on your mortgage decreases.
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